1. Food Service:
  2. Retail:
  3. Bouillon in Powder 1 kg
  4. Bouillon in Powder 250 g
  5. Bouillon in Paste 1 kg
  6. Bouillon Cubes: 8, 12 & 24 Packs
  7. Soups, Creams, Sauces, Roux
  8. Soups, Creams, Sauces
  9. Chocolates, Flans, Custards, Premium Desserts, Jellies, Mousses, Puddings, Semifreddos
  10. Flans, Custards, Premium Desserts, Jellies, Mousses,

We have the possibility of manufacturing the products of our main brand under a distributor brand.

We currently manufacture private label for some of the largest distribution chains nationwide and in some of the countries in which we work.

We can manufacture, always under the same quality standards that Calnort brand products have, all of our products, taking into account the different manufacturing requirements and minimum orders, depending on the packaging material of each product / product line.

For more information about the different Products / Flavors which we can work with private label, contact our commercial department directly, at the following email address: comercial@calnort.com